Soul Patch by Mathew Allan Garcia

The second installment in Garcia’s series, Funeral Songs. You were never slick with the ladies. When your buddies finally goaded you into asking out a girl you were crushin’ on, you’d go at… Continue reading

Forecasting by Mathew Allan Garcia

The first installment in Garcia’s new series, Funeral Songs. Mama excelled at forecasting. She studied the contours of lines on me and my sister’s faces, searching for imperfections. A blemish that was not… Continue reading

Present, Past, and Future Tense by Matt Pucci

PAY ATTENTION. Pay attention to your surroundings. You’re in a bar, somewhere in the middle of an old industrial town, thirty kilometres inland from the Catalan capital of Barcelona. It’s November. To your… Continue reading

No One Is Invisible by Miranda Stone

He comes every Tuesday. I am usually in the back of the general store, stacking cans or sweeping. I avoid the counter because I don’t want to ring him up. Today, though, I… Continue reading

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